Current Sponsors

High Weald Horse Hydro

The Aqua treadmill gives your horse a full body workout, improving general fitness, joint flexion, breathing and range of movement. The water level minimises impact on the lower limbs and encourages increased range of motion.

One of the first improvements often observed is to the gait, coupled to an extension in the stride. These can be seen and can be expected to develop as sessions continue. All sessions are video recorded and copies can be provided to you so that you can keep a record and see changes. There are video records taken from four positions simultaneously so it’s easy to see the gait and alignment of your horse as it walks or trots.

More general fitness benefits include enhanced suppleness, muscle tone, and core strength.

Lingfield Equine Vets

Lingfield Equine Vets are the newest business to join our sponsorship family. The provide meticulous care and top class attention to our for legged team members, a great peace of mind to any horse owner. They are built up of various members with different specialities allowing them to be able to provide a wide range of help, support and advice from medical and orthopedic treatment to stud work and everything in between.

Voltaire Design

We are thrilled to be supported by the Voltaire Design, who provide us with lightweight, stylish, practical, well designed saddlery which both Tom and the horses love. Not only do they supply a top end product they are also committed to being environmentally friendly, planting a tree for every saddle purchased.

Baileys Horse Feeds

It's no secret that in order to get the best out of your horse they must be fed right. Bailey's have a great range of feeds to cater for all kinds of horses, within our yard as well as the industry as a whole. Diet is so important in human fitness and performance, and it's just as important in horses. 

Top Feed for my Top Horses.

Sponsorship Enquiries

Tom is now looking for sponsors who want to be a part of the continued growth of Team Crisp Eventing. With multiple top level rides under his belt, Badminton planned for 2019 as well as multiple 4* runs with some truly talented horses and lots of exciting young horses to start their eventing career there is not better time join Team Crisp!

Promotional opportunities from an association with Team Crisp are:

  • Horse ownership which includes the possibility of naming the horse, recognition in event programmes, sponsor being announced on loudspeaker and on TV commentary.
  • Display business logo on horseboxes and cars. 
  • Display business logo on jackets and clothing worn by rider and grooms. 
  • Display business logo on saddlecloths and rugs worn by horses. 
  • Involving Tom and/or Sophie in promotional and marketing activities. 
  • Rider available for appearances, Press releases, Adverts and Pictures. 
  • Sponsors acknowledged on website and in blogs. 
  • Enjoying media coverage at major events on television and radio and in newspapers. 
  • Corporate hospitality and free entry to events, a novel way to entertain clients and business partners at magnificent venues. 
If you or your company are interested in sponsoring Team Crisp Eventing then please contact us.