Liberty and Glory (Lori)

16.0hh dark bay mare, born 2007

Sire/Dam: Caretino Glory/Little Runnymede

Owned by Patricia Balfour & Sophie Crisp

Lori, often referred to as our 'little pocket rocket', is another home bred mare who was successfully produced to BE100 by Sophie. In 2015 Tom took on the ride of this feisty little mare and so far it is proving a solid partnership. In 2015 she produced consistently good results at Novice and finished the season by completing her first intermediate and jumping a double clear and finishing 12th in a CCI* at Weston Park. Throughout the 2016 season she has successfully completed a CIC** at South of England where she finished 3rd as well as multiple CCI**'s, her first being Houghton Hall where she picked up one 20 XC however stormed around the rest of the course giving Tom great confidence finishing her first CCI**! Her second Camphire (in Ireland) where she also finished 3rd! 

2017 was a great year for Lori, she make her debut 3* run, she of course didn't disappoint!! She did however make sure we were aware that she wasn't ready for her initial debut at Sameur (France) by fracturing her skull the week before she was due to leave!!! Luckily she soldiered through that and recovered very well, with the all clear she was fit to go out to Le Pin au Haras for her CCI3* debut. She had a great run here and coped with the step up better than we could have hoped, giving us all even more confidence in this little mare's future!  Flying around the xc clear with just 2.8 time faults and an unfortunate pole show jumping she really did prove herself! Lori finisehd her season at Boekelo CCI3* in Holland where she produced a PB dressage. A slight trip up a step out of the water gave them an unfortunate 20 as the final element came up very fast! Tom was very happy with how she had coped and continued around the course as if it easy.

Boekelo CCI3* - photo courtesy of Lieke Bos