2018 Event Season

Chatsworth - 12th and 13th May

Winterdonw Royale saled round his first advanced with just 11 time and a pole in the Sj to finish just outside top ten. Super talented and big thanks to Martyn and Sharon Ault, his owners for their support.  Liberty and Glory then competed in the ERM. Although the dressage didn't go completely to plan, with a very excitable test, posting the worst dressage test! Highs and lows as ever with this game! Let’s hope for nice educational jumping rounds and scratch that up to a ‘learning curve’! Liberty and Glory did win everyone back over completing a double clear with just 7.6 XCT making a technical course look easy! Looking forward to her first CCI4* at Luhmuhlen in June.

Aston Le Walls - 9th May
No rest for the wicked...! With just about enough time to get home from badminton and unpack we've already repacked and are on our way to Aston Le Walls for Regatta Girl, Vendome Biats and Don Zephyr to all run in the Intermediate. First time Intermediate, Don Zephyr made light work of the step up jumping DC on a 30 Dressage, very exciting young horse for the future. Regatta Girl and Vendome Biats also jumping well and were happy to be back out for another run in the sun!

Badminton 2nd-6th May

What a week the team have had at Badminton - Team Crisp completed Badminton!! 

Starting the week slightly nervous with Cooly teasing us at the first trot up! However came back to show us just how special and talented he really is! Tom said he 'Couldn’t be happier to make it through today with a horse that looks and feels as good as Coolys Luxury. Despite loosing two shoes on the XC yesterday, he came out this morning on amazing form and breezed through the trot up. Big thanks to Jim Hayter who drove up from East Sussex last night to fit a new pair and Amy Akehurst for all her hard work#dedicatedTeam . Not only did we jump a great round with only one down to finish in the prizes, we also received the Laurence Rook Trophy for the ‘Best British Rider not previously competed Badminton’. 

Cooly had a great week, knowing exactly where he was as soon as he stepped off the lorry! His cheeky self was also on form throughout the week, I think he knows that if we walk as far away from the stables possible to hand graze the longer he can have grass!! Whether he rolls on the walk back then lays down and eats (he knows I'm not strong enough to carry him back to bed!!) or just walks off in the opposite direction - sometimes I wasn't sure who was walking who...!!? He was an absolute saint all week and couldn't have wished for a better horse to complete Badminton alongside.

Chilham 29th April

All horses performed very well, finishing in the top three of their section. Donna Halcyon won her 100 section, finishing on her dressage score of 21, a great last run before Tom steps her up to Novice at Poplar Park in May.  Don Zephyr and Regatta Girl continued their great form placing 3rd and 2nd in their Novice sections, also finishing on their dressage scores. Chilham Park have done a great job with the course and the new improved layout.

Belton 13th-15th April

Little Liberty and Glory completed with a fantastic double clear in the 3* with 6 time to finish just outside the top 20. Both Vendome Biats and Winterdown Royale performed lovely d/c’s in their Intermediates to finish inside the top ten. Coolys Luxury feeling on awesome form for his last run before Badminton, almost too full of himself as he got the better of me at 6c! Well done Belton for putting on top class competition that was a pleasure to be part of.

Munstead 25th March

A quiet day to finish this weeks eventing with Tom running Don Alfabio (Fabi) and Donna Halcyon (Happy) in the BE100. Another event that despite the wet weather still managed to run, it'll be dry soon - it's suppose to be summer now after all...! Both horses rode respectable dressage tests with Happy on 34.3 and Fabi 32.3 before heading off to the show jumping. Having afternoon times meant the ground conditions were more challenging but holding up well considering they had already had a day and a half's eventing run on them...! Both horses jumped well, Happy jumped a neat clear and Fabi had an unfortunate 8 faults however is learning very quickly how to jump out of deeper going! Happy continued her good for around the cross country where she gave tom a great ride throughout, coming over the finish with just 4 time faults - leaving her in 8th place. Fabi has proved to us that he learnt alot at his run around Poplar a fortnight ago and stormed round the xc clear with just a few time faults. It seems like Fabi is starting to get the hang of eventing,  we're hoping this will be his first of many clear xc rounds for him!

Great Witchingham 23rd March

Back from a busy 36 hour trip up to Great Witchingham, with Coolys Luxury (Cooly) and Liberty and Glory (Lori) in the AI and Winterdown Royale (Jovi) and Vendome Biats (Vendome) in the OI. The first night of the season away from home and think it’s safe to say they all know what’s going and are extremely keen for the season ahead! After spending the afternoon travelling up Tom gave them all a little work whilst Amy found their stables and set them up for the night. With them all on great form everyone was excited to see what the following day would bring (apart from an early morning as that was guaranteed!!). With an 8:13 test, a course to walk and horses to get ready both Tom and Amy were up and out bright and early. All the horses were showing get enthusiasm for the dressage but thankfully managed to contain themselves when it counted. First up we had Vendome who after a very keen lunge produced a test of 38.6, slightly disappointing score for him but nice to know he’s feeling well!! Jovi followed on very quickly, showing just how much he has matured over the winter producing a 32.5 test which both Tom and Martyn and Sharon Ault (owners) were very happy with and even more excited to see this form continue on for a promising future eventing! Cooly was in the arena soon after Jovi, pulling it out the bag to produce a 27.9 test, giving Tom a great feel throughout. Lori was next, again showing extreme excitement to be out whilst on the lunge, she managed to contain herself and produce a positive test of 33.1.

Before anyone could count to 10 Tom’s in the show jumping ring on Jovi who flew round clear. Off one and onto the next, Vendome. He finds the heavier going much more challenging, however despite of this completed a positive round with an unlucky 4 faults. Cooly was up next and again gave Tom a great feel as they rode round clear. Finally Lori, the last to jump in the section, and with time tight her warm up was cut slightly short however this didn’t stop her flying around with just one unlucky pole down.

The adrenaline phase, cross country…!! Out first was Vendome, with the going getting heavier and heavier as each horse left the start box Tom decided to give the horse’s a steady run finishing clear with a few time faults on Vendome, Jovi and Lori. Cooly was in a very competitive position and had it all to play for. The pair stormed around the cross country clear with again a few time faults.

A great effort made by all four horses, Vendome finished 15th and Jovi 14th in competitive OI sections. Lori finished in the top 20 after a steady xc. Cooly showing great form and proving to everyone he’s ready for Badminton 2018 finished 2nd in the AI, just 0.8 away from the leader!

Poplar Park 11th March

This was the first run of the season for our Novice and 100 horses, with Regatta Girl (Lilly) in the Open Novice, Don Zephyr (Zephyr) in the Novice, Donna Halcyon (Happy) in the 100 Open and Don Alfabio (Fabi) in  the 100. All horses were extremely keen to get off the lorry and get to work, testing Amy's lunging skills throughout the day! Both our Novice horses produced lovely sub 30 tests with Lilly scoring a 25.8 and Zephyr scoring 29.0. They both then went onto flying round the show jumping clear before attacking the cross country which they again both completed with just 3.2 time faults for Lilly and 3.6 time faults for Zephyr. This left both horses bringing home 1st place in their sections!! Both these horses are proving very competitive and Team Crisp are excited to see what the season holds for them.

Happy produced what we thought was a very positive test that was marked a little harshly for a score of 34.0, although after going round the show jumping clear and inside the time she was still competitive in her section. She finished 6th in her section after storming around the cross country with just 3.2 time faults. Fabi continued the great dressage scores of the day with a 26.5 test. He then went onto a pleasing show jumping round with just one unlucky pole. Unfortunately the cross country  proved a little too much for Fabi so Tom took the opportunity to give him a good schooling round before pulling him up. Tom is hoping Fabi came away more educated and ready to storm around Munstead in the few weeks time!

Tweseldown 8th March

And so the season has finally begun...! After the unfortunate abandonment of Isleham we had to wait patiently an extra few days to get the horses out for their first run of the year. We kick started the season with Coolys Luxury (Cooly), Liberty and Glory (Lori), Vendome Biats (Vendome) and Winterdown Royale (Jovi) all running in the Open Intermediate. All four horses produced pleasing tests, albeit proving very happy to be back out! Although the muddy conditions made the next two phases much more difficult they all stormed around the cross country without a jumping fault between them! Lori finished 11th, in a very competitive section and Vendome 15th.