Weston Park - 7th - 11th October

A couple of weeks ago we headed to the last ever 3 day at Weston Park with Liberty and Glory (Lori) and Winterdown Cooley (Jovi). It was their first 3 day, so we were thrilled at how quickly they settled in, taking it all in their stride, especially Jovi whose solution to stress is apparently to continuously eat, definitely not a bad thing!

We were really pleased with Lori’s dressage on Thursday, it was only her 3rd time in a full sized arena and she coped very well with the atmosphere, producing a sweet and accurate test. Unfortunately there was a big discrepancy between the 2 judges’ scores, so she finished on a slightly disappointing mark of 51.1.

Jovi’s dressage was on Friday. He also did a nice test, showing how much he has progressed during his first eventing season. He doesn’t yet find the dressage the easiest phase and can be a little tense, so we’re hoping his marks will improve as he relaxes and  finds it easier to work over his back. The judges were much more consistent for Jovi and he scored 51.3.

On Saturday it was time for the cross country. Not only was it the longest track either horse had ever jumped but it was also very technical, especially early on. Lori went first and jumped a brilliant clear inside the time, she keeps on improving every time out and we’re very excited for next season.  Jovi also jumped a lovely clear, picking up just a few time faults as Tom was keen for him to have a fun, confidence giving round. We were absolutely thrilled with both of them over such a challenging course which caused numerous problems throughout the day.

Both horses trotted up really well on Sunday morning. Lori was full of beans and ready to show jump. Jovi was a little tired and spent the morning snoozing in his stable. We were just hoping he’d wake up in time to show jump!

They both jumped great clears in the show jumping, over another course which also caused a fair number of problems. Jovi's round was particularly impressive given that he was joined in the arena by a loose dog. This was the third time that there's been a loose dog around whilst these two have been competing this autumn. We're really hope that things do come in threes!

The section definitely wasn’t a dressage competition and both horses moved up the placings over the course of the weekend to finish 12th and 19th, great results for them in their first CCI event.

We were caught slightly unaware with Lori’s top 12 finish and had untacked and unplaited before they read out the results. Unfortunately this left Tom to go to the prize giving on foot. Egged on by the commentator he took part in the lap of honour – even managing to do a good job of keeping up with the horses on foot! It provided a great deal of entertainment and Tom definitely got as many cheers, if not more than Ros Canter who finished first! 

It was a great end to the season; we’re going to spend the winter doing lots of training and a few dressage competitions whilst counting down the days until next year!

Little Downham - 3rd October

We took several young horses to Little Downham at the beginning of October. Forestino (Forest) was running in his first novice. He did one of his best dressage tests to date scoring 30.8, had one down SJ and jumped a lovely clear XC to finish 10th; a fantastic result in his first novice.

Vendome Biats (Vendome) also ran in the novice, he did a great dressage for a mark of 29.5 and jumped a lovely, confident double clear to finish 5th.

The Moving Cloud (Cloudy) was running in his second BE100.  He did a lovely test for a mark of 29 but unfortunately a small blip in the SJ meant he had 3 poles down so Tom decided not to run him XC and save him for another day.

Visionary (Weed) did another good dressage for a mark of 30 and jumped a lovely clear SJ. He has gained so much confidence XC that Tom decided to ride him more softly  hoping that he would gain confidence in finding his own way to the fence. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be and he picked up 20 penalties but he is only 5 so it’s understandable and we’re sure he’ll be back jumping double clears again in no time!

South of England - 26/27th September

We had a busy weekend at South of England with Liberty and Glory (Lori), Winterdown Cooley (Jovi) and Vendome Biats (Vendome) in the Novice and Oyster Glory (Oyster) in the BE100.

Lori and Jovi were here for a confidence giving run before Weston. Lori did a 31.8 dressage, despite a loose dog joining her in the dressage arena during her test! She jumped a double clear and finished 3rd. Jovi did a 31.3 dressage, also jumped a double clear and finished 4th. This was Vendome’s first novice, he did a brilliant dressage for 28.3, had an unfortunate pole in the SJ but jumped a lovely clear XC and finished 7th, a fantastic placing at his first attempt. We are still looking for owners or syndicate members for this super talented horse so if anyone is interested please do get in touch.

Oyster also had a successful weekend, doing a dressage of 32.8 and jumping a lovely double clear to finish 5th.


Munstead - 19th September

We headed Munstead to compete in the BE100 with the young horses in September. Visionary (Weed) jumped a double clear to complete on a brilliant dressage score of 31 and finish 5th, he has progressed a long way in his first season and gained heaps of confidence along the way; definitely an exciting young horse for next year as he’s only 5!

Forestino (Forest) also jumped a double clear inside the time to finish on his dressage of 38.3 and place 8th. He will be stepping up to Novice at his next event.

The Moving Cloud (Cloudy) was stepping up to BE100 at Munstead. He copped with the challenge very well, doing a dressage of 36.5, one down show jumping and jumping a fantastic clear cross country.

Gatcombe - 11th September

We headed across to Gatcombe for Liberty and Glory (Lori) and Winterdown Cooley (Jovi)’s first intermediate. Lori did a fantastic dressage for a mark of 29.3 which put her in equal 5th after dressage. She rolled an unfortunate pole in the show jumping, which is very unlike her and jumped a great round cross country to go clear with just a few time faults.

Jovi also did a nice test for a score of 36.6 which we thought was a little harsh. He jumped a very mature clear in the show jumping and did a steady but smooth clear cross country.

They finished 9th and 12th respectively which we were thrilled with for their first intermediate. They have just one more run now at South of England before their first CCI* at Weston Park in October.  

Burghley - 1st - 6th September

On Tuesday 1st September the time finally arrived for us to leave for The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials! It was a dramatic build up with Cooly managing to pull a shoe off in the field the week before, making us all very nervous that he would have bruised his foot. Then our new clothing, rugs and numnahs embroidered with the sponsors logos arrived, which we were all very excited about. Unfortunately there was a small problem with the clothing and we were left with just a couple of days to get it sorted! Luckily Stitched Equestrian was extremely helpful and managed to sort the issue and delivered the replacements directly to Burghley – great service!

All was well in the end and we headed off with Cooly looking very smart in his new kit. A big thank you goes to both SsangYong and Swift Bedding for the kit and all their support so far this year.

When we arrived we headed to the stable office to collect our passes and were given amazing rider and groom goody bags – a serious treat!

Once we’d got Cooly unloaded he definitely knew exactly where he was! Tom took him for a hack around the park to get him settled and  to take a moment to appreciate being at this very special event… 

The first horse inspection the following day was a nerve wracking experience for all of us. We were hoping that Cooly could hold it together for long enough to trot sensibly in a straight line -something he finds particularly challenging! The ground jury were being very thorough and asked lots of people to trot twice, which we did. Cooly managed to be sensible and was accepted – first big sigh of relief. I don’t know about everyone else, but for me this was the first time I’d been up to the main arena since we’d arrived and it was the moment it really hit me that we were at Burghley. It’s such a special event and I was feeling very privileged to be grooming there.

Thursday was a quiet day for Cooly. Tom hacked him in the morning and then did a schooling session followed by arena familiarisation in the evening. Cooly at this point was feeling rather well having had a few quieter days at the beginning of the week, so it was nice to see him get stuck into his work and calm down a little bit!

Finally Friday, the first day of competition for us arrived. There had been some seriously impressive dressage scores the previous day, so the pressure was very much on! Dressage isn’t a phase that Cooly always finds particularly easy, but he has come on leaps and bounds this season with the help of Tom’s new trainer Ian Woodhead, who gave Tom a lesson in the morning. We were praying that Cooly would be able to hold it together in front of the big crowd on Friday afternoon in the main arena and he did us proud. He did one of the nicest tests he’s ever done, with massive improvements in the trot work. There were a couple of little mistakes in the changes and rein back, but these aren’t usually something he struggles with and will be easy to correct, so not a major concern. Despite this he managed to get a personal best at this level with a score of 50.5 putting him in =39th place.

On Saturday morning Tom jumped Cooly in the warm up arena to get his mind focused on the job. He was quite excited, but jumped well, so we put him back to bed for a while for a pamper, and waited nervously for our turn on the course. Due to our late draw in the order we had to wait until 3.12pm. It was a tortuous wait for all involved, but the course didn’t seem to be causing as many problems as expected, so that put our minds at rest a little.

When the time came, Cooly and Tom once again went out and produced a master class on the technically challenging track. They picked up a handful of time faults, but because of the change in direction of the course and the ground there were very few inside the time this year. Once Cooly was cooled off and settled back in the stables no one could believe how fresh and well he looked – almost as though he could go again. This must be attributed to the great job that Tom did with his fitness and the effect of such a great ride across the country.

We were thrilled on Sunday morning at how well Cooly still looked and he trotted up beautifully down at the stables. We headed up to the trot up with bated breath, as we had been in this position before with Liberal, only to be unexpectedly spun at the trot up. However, all went well and Cooly trotted up  soundly and was accepted on his first trot. On to the show jumping with Cooly lying in 19th place!

Tom jumped Cooly straight after the trot up and no one could believe how full of beans he was – although I wasn’t surprised, as he’d been a total nightmare to lead back from the main arena after the trot up!!! He jumped well, so we put him back in his box for a quick rest before the real thing!

There was an amazing atmosphere at the afternoon jumping session and as we stood in the collecting ring waiting for Tom’s turn we were surrounded by everyone who is anyone in the world of eventing – not to mention Clare Balding right in front of us filming for the BBC! It was once again a reminder of what a special event it is. Cooly jumped a lovely round. Unfortunately he rolled a couple of poles, one of which Tom is taking responsibility for, but he finished on a very credible score of 73.3 for 19th place and 6th best Brit! 

Overall a very successful week which Cooly has come out of looking extremely fit and well. He will have a little holiday now and be aimed at Badminton next year. We’d all like to say a big thank you to Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for such a special event and to Cooly’s owner Dave Corney for the opportunity to work with this incredible horse. I’d also like to thank Burghley for spoiling the grooms and Tom for letting me groom for Cooly. It was a absolute privilege and a week I will remember for ever.

Firle - 29th/30th August

We’ve just got back from a busy and successful weekend at Firle. Not only is it great to have another good weekend with the youngsters, but it’s also a relief to have Tom back in one piece - it’s always nerve wracking when we’re out and about the week before a big event (Burghley)!
On Saturday we had 1 in the BE90 and 2 in the BE100. Cloudy (The Moving Cloud) did his usual sweet accurate test in the BE90 for a mark of 33.5. He had an unfortunate 2 poles in the show jumping, but jumped a lovely clear inside the time XC to finish on 41.5. 
Forestino (Forest) has always struggled with tension in the dressage but is steadily improving and we were happy with his mark of 34.3. He rolled an unfortunate pole in the show jumping and then got a little over enthusiastic cross country and locked on the bridle, bowling down the hill past the second of the double of houses - heaps of talent and is on a steep learning curve. Hopefully he’ll have learnt from this and be back on top form at Munstead next month. 
Vendome (Vendome Biats) was the star of the day, once again jumping a fabulous double clear inside the time to finish on his dressage score of 31 and win his section! Talent and consistency – very exciting for the future! He is a horse which is still in need of one or more owners, an ideal syndicate opportunity. 

Sunday was the turn of the novice horses Jovi (WinterdownCooley) and Lori (Liberty and Glory). Jovi had an unfortunate start to the day being chased by a very aggressive dog who had managed to get loose in the dressage warm up. Nevertheless, he managed to hold it together and got a respectable score of 33.5 which we thought might have been slightly better had he not been the first horse of the day. 
Lori’s dressage was next and she did a really beautiful, accurate test and we were thrilled that her mark of 29.5 reflected this. 
The show jumping at Firle always has a big atmosphere for a local event, as they run the country show and dog show alongside the BE event. We thought this might prove a challenge for Jovi, as he has a tendency to get a little anxious show jumping. However, he was a star and jumped the most relaxed round we have ever seen him do – so laid back in fact that he knocked the second part of the double down. Despite this we were thrilled with his attitude and Tom is looking forward to being able to ride him a little more positively in the future, now that he has relaxed enough to allow this. 

Lori has always been very talented in the show jumping phase and she demonstrated this once again today, jumping a fantastic clear, making a course which caused no end of problems throughout the day look effortless. 
The cross country also caused a fair number of problems over the course of the day and we were thrilled that both of ours jumped lovely clears, adding just a small number of time faults to their scores. Lori finished on a brilliant score of 33.1 to place 3rd and Jovi finished on 39.9 for 5th place. A promising last run before their first intermediate at Gatcombe next month.  

(Photos to come)

Hartpury  - 14th August

This weekend we took Coolys Luxury, who is aiming for Burghley CCI**** early next month for a final preparation run in the CIC*** at Hartpury. 

Cooly continues to improve in the dressage phase and we were delighted with some of the work he did in his test this weekend. He unfortunately made a couple of silly mistakes, missing a change and breaking in the walk but it was his first time out in a big occasion since Badminton so it was understandable and hopefully good preparation for Burghley. Despite this he still got a mark of 46.8 which we were delighted with, it shows just how far he has come and it is very exciting to think how competitive he will be without those silly mistakes. 

Cooly loves the big events and in his excitement got a little overzealous in the show jumping having 3 unfortunate poles. Tom, ever the horseman, is entirely blaming himself and saying that in hind sight he should have spent a little longer warming him up and calming him down!!! Still, this is not a phase that Cooly often struggles with so good to get the silly mistakes out of the way now and not something we will worry about going forward.

Tom was thrilled with Cooly’s attitude XC, he jumped a fabulous clear adding just a few time faults as there was no reason to push him for the time having had a few penalties show jumping. 

It was an exciting weekend where Cooly reminded us of how much fun he is and we are all now very much looking forward to the rest of the season. It was also lovely to catch up with some familiar faces and it was a lovely event as always. 

Smiths Lawns - 11th August

In-between Chilham and Hartpury we took Forestino, Visionary and Oyster Glory to The Guards Polo Ground in Windsor (Smiths Lawn) all doing the Be 100 class. None of which produced a stunning dressage test! However more than made up with jumping well with just one pole down for Oyster and all jumping clear XC inside the time.

All of these young horses and very exciting future prospects and are in need of owners and supporters to continue their partnership with Tom and fulfil their potential.

Chilham - 8th/9th August

Last weekend we were at Chilham Horse Trials in Kent which was kindly sponsored by Swift Bedding, one of our generous supporters.

On Saturday, we had The Moving Cloud (Cloudy) in the BE90 Open. He did a nice dressage for 33.8 and jumped a double clear, adding just a few time faults XC to finish 12th on 41. He continues to grow in confidence and physical strength and we are hoping he will be ready for a BE100 later in the season.

Liberty and Glory (Lori), one of Team Crisp’s talented homebreds, was competing in her first CIC* at the event. The one star dressage was set in a fabulous location - on the lawns just below the house/castle this year. Lori was first to go in the class and we were pleased with how she dealt with the atmosphere, doing a sweet and accurate test. We were slightly disappointed with her mark of 53. However, on the Sunday she went on to prove her talent, jumping a stunning double clear over a seriously challenging, technical and hilly track to finish 7th in the class. A fantastic performance at her first FEI event and gaining her qualification for the CCI* run we are planning for later in the season at Weston Park.

Having gained his CCI* qualification at Brightling, (where Lori was eliminated in the dressage because Tom had learnt the wrong test - proving it happens to the best of us!) Winterdown Cooley (Jovi) was entered for the Novice. We were very pleased with how relaxed he was in the dressage and his mark of 29.5 placed him 3rd. He remained relaxed and jumped a lovely effortless clear in the SJ in what was a spooky, atmospheric ring - a big step forward for him, as this is the phase he has most difficulty with. Unfortunately, the ground on the XC was quite hard and we decided it was in his best interests to save him for another day. A tough call, but he’s a horse we really value for the future so fingers crossed it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

Finally Vendome Biats (Vendome) was running in the BE100. He did a lovely dressage for 28.8 and jumped a fabulous double clear. It was Tom’s first time taking him XC in a snaffle and he was thrilled with the results. He was placed 6th overall. Vendome continues to provide the promise that he’ll be a real star of the future.

Overall a successful weekend at Chilham, which was enjoyed by owners and sponsors alike, and a great start to the busy week ahead. 

Aston Le Walls - 15th May

A bright and early start was in order to take Winterdown Cooley (Jovi) and Liberty and Glory (Lori), for the Novice at Aston le Walls. Lori was up first she scored 35 in the dressage and put in a lovely double clear adding just 3.6 xc time to her score to finish up in 5th place, gaining her first 2 BE Points! Jovi was doing his first Novice, he put in an accurate test to score 33.3, just rolled one pole in the show jumping and a confident clear in the cross country, picking up 6.8 time faults. A great result for both the horses, making the step up to Novice look very easy. As ever it was great to have the support from loyal owners Martyn and Sharon Ault, who were thrilled with Jovis novice debut. 

Saturday we took the babies out to a local hunter trial at Brightling, where they all put in creditable performances  ahead of their event at Tweseldown next weekend. 

Badminton - 7th May

Following the big build up, we were finally on our way to Badminton with Cooly, a first time for the pair of them! The week didn't go as planned but it was still a great experience. Having been held at the first trot up he then got through on re inspection. Their dressage was on Friday morning before the lunch break, so Thursday was a nice quiet day to look around the park. Cooly got a bit tight in his test and scored 55.6. Tom came out of the dressage concerned that Cooly did not feel 100% in his test, having spoken to the vets and his owners the tough decision was made to withdraw him from the competition, his welfare being our first priority. Saturday we stayed and watched the cross country unfold and catch up with some of the team from our sponsors Swift Wood Pellets. A huge thank you to David and Clare Corney for their ongoing support and understanding when things sometimes don't go to plan. 

Chilham - 2nd May

Well the rain was definitely falling at Chilham, we took Winterdown Cooley (Jovi), Liberty and Glory (Lori) and Forestino (Forest) for the BE100. Forest did the dressage but Tom felt Forest wouldn't enjoy the wet ground conditions for jumping so decided to w/d him. Lori scored 30 in the dressage and produced a clear in the show jumping, she also did not however enjoy the ground conditions on the cross country so was retired on course. Jovi was last to go, scoring 36.5 in the dressage and picking up 3 time faults in the showing jumping, Tom made the decision not to run him cross country and save him for another day. Think it's fair to say, its a day that can be forgotten about!

Hambleden - 24th & 26th April

Bluebells in the wood is a familiar sight at Hambleden, and once again they were out in full force around the beautiful cross country course. On Friday we were there with the BE100 horses; Winterdown Cooley (Jovi), Liberty and Glory (Lori) and Forestino (Forest). First up was Forest, a little tension in the dressage scored 37, he then had his first rail of the season, followed by a good clear round xc just to add a few time penalities to his score. Lori was next up she scored 34 in the dressage, then put in a lovely double clear to stay on her dressage score and finish up 9th in her section. Jovi was last to go, unfortunately for him he had a loose horse running around the dressage just before he was about to go in, so having worked beautifully outside was a little tense in the arena to score 37.5. He then put in a steady double clear, just adding a few time penalties to his final score. Our new sponsors Swift Pellets came along to watch, and it was great to have the extra support at the event, as well as showing off the new branding on the lorry to advertise the quality bedding that we use.

Sunday we were back again at Hambleden, this time with Coolys Luxury, he was going for a quiet run around the OI, to prepare for the big B next week! He put in a smart test to score 23 in the dressage, and just tapped the planks for one down. The plan was not to run xc but just take him for an outing, so we packed up and came home. One more session of canter work and he should be good to go for Badminton, fingers crossed all goes to plan! Next up for the BE100 horses is Chilham on Sunday. 

South Of England - 11th & 12th April

This weekend was spent at one of our most local events on the calendar South of England. On Saturday we took Winterdown Cooley (Jovi), Forestino (Forest) and Liberty & Glory (Lori) for the BE100, a successful event for them all. Forest got a 30.5 dressage and jumped a double clear, just adding 8 time pens to his dressage score, finishing on a score of 38.5, to finish just outside the top ten. Lori scored 35 in the dressage and she also jumped a lovely double clear, with 3.2 time in the cross country. Star of the day goes to Jovi who scored 27 in the dressage and put in a classy double clear to add 0.4 time to his score, he finished up winning his section, a great result for his 3rd event!

Back again on Sunday this time we took Golden Tether (Bob) for the Novice and Coolys Luxury (Cooly) for the AI. First up was Bob who was doing his first novice, he scored 33.5 in the dressage, dropped 2 poles show jumping and just had one minor blip on cross country but he jumped the rest of the course well. Cooly was extremely pleased to be allowed out eventing, he performed a lovely test to score 29.3, then had 2 rails in the show jumping just where he was a bit ring rusty! He then flew round the cross country making it all look very easy, he finished up 7th in his section. A pleasing weekend with all the horses, with them all making good progress. Next up is some combined training on Thursday with the babies.

Munstead - 28th & 29th March

The weekend started with two first timers in the BE90 on Saturday, Newmarket Cooley (Ink) and Oyster Glory (Oyster), you never quite know how they will react at their first event but all in all we were pleased with how they went. Ink put in a smart dressage test to score 29.8, then made the jumping all look very easy, a great start to his eventing career. Oyster up next he did a nice test to score 31, followed by a good clear show jumping and was unsure about the ditch to start with on the cross country but soon realised it wasn't going to eat him(!) and popped round the rest of the course. An educational day for both of the horses, with exciting times to come.

Sunday we were back at Munstead with Winterdown Cooley (Jovi), Forestino (Forest) and Golden Tether (Bob) for the BE100. Jovi was on good form to score 31 in the dressage and put in a classy double clear, to finish 4th, he is really getting the hang of this eventing malarky! Forest also scored 31 in his section of the dressage and put in a promising double clear just adding 1.2 time penalties to finish up on a score of 33. Bob pleased the dressage judges to score 22 in the dressage, he dropped one rail in the show jumping then popped round the cross country, to finish 9th in his section. Despite the wind and rain we all had a good day, and it's great that the horses are all feeling so well at this early stage of the season! Next up is Portman with the BE90 horses!

Tweseldown - 15th March 

The new event season we have all been looking forward to started for us yesterday at Tweseldown! We took Forestino and first timer Winterdown Cooley for the BE90, and they didn't disappoint. Forestino got a little tense in his dressage, but made up for it by putting in a lovely double clear. We were delighted with Winterdown Cooley he produced a very commendable 26.5 test followed by a super double clear. Videos of the day can be found at https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTeamcrisp/featured. A great way to the start the season, next up is Munstead in two weeks time, fingers crossed for another good few days!

Oldencraige Unaff Dressage - 22nd Feb

We took Jovi and Cooly to do some dressage at  Oldencraige, the weather just about held up until we finished. Jovi was up first doing 2 novice tests, he is making vast improvements in his work and put in 2 good performances scoring 69%  for 1st place and 68% for 3rd place (Video of novice 22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpHt2x5rsZY&feature=youtu.be). Cooly then did an advanced medium test, his first dressage outing of the year and scored 65% for 3rd place. A worthwhile trip for both the horses. A lorry load went cross country schooling last week at Munstead, they were all very well behaved and will have one more cross country school before the start of the season. Lots planned in the next few weeks to get ready for kick off at Tweseldown! 

Felbridge Combined Training - 12th Feb

All guns blazing now getting ready for the season which is fast approaching. Tom had a back operation a month ago and has made a speedy recovery, already back jumping and galloping the horses! We took a lorry load to Felbridge for an outing, although Tom is back riding he is trying his best not to over do it, so he stuck to just riding Jovi, scoring 31.5 in the dressage and a lovely clear round in the show jumping. The two Emma's rode two horses each, with Horton doing dressage tests on Fi and Vendome, they both put in two nice tests and are exciting prospects for the season ahead. Svantesson (Stevy) rode Weed in the dressage, he hasn't been out for a while but you wouldn't have known it putting in a smart test. Cloudy was Stevy's other ride he did a nice test and good positive round in the show jumping. Sophie rode Lori, who was very pleased to be out, she did a good dressage test and then a lovely accurate show jumping round. The horses are all going to the gallops regularly now, to get them fit ready for the first event on the season. We will be starting at Tweseldown in the middle of March, watch this space an event plan for all the horses will soon be added to the website!

Felbridge Combined Training - 15th Jan

Now Christmas is all over, the focus is now on the start of the event season. We took 5 to Felbridge for some dressage and show jumping practice, a successful trip with all the horses performing well. First up was Forrest in BE90 he put in a sweet test and jumped a lovely round in the showing jumping, a good way to start the day. Ellie was up next, she did a dressage test on Cloudy, Ellie came out smiling and was happy with how the test went. Ink did a nice dressage test and clear round show jumping to finish 3rd in his class, a very pleasing result for his first time. Jovi was in the BE100, he did a good test to score 31.5 and a nice clear show jumping, it's great to see the improvement he is making from each outing. Last but definitely not least, Cooly came for a trip out, he was very pleased to be out and about, putting in an accurate test and clear show jumping, as we would expect! A good start to the new year, bring on the season!

Felbridge Combined Training - 13th Dec

A lorry load went to combined training at Felbridge, all the horses were very well behaved and the sun was shining which was a bonus! We started the morning off with Oyster he put in a good dressage test and jumped well in the show jumping (Video of his sj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLChV-URFUw&list=UURzINz3yx6Qim4m1z-y8LAw). Fi was next up in the 90 she did a lovely test and a clear show jumping to finish 3rd in her class (Video of her dr & sj https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwQ0WS8ZeRU&feature=youtu.be). Cloudy was also in the 90 he put in an accurate test and just had one down in the jumping. First up in the 100 was Bob, he was very pleased to be out, scoring 30 in the dressage and then a lovely clear show jumping to finish 4th. Jack put in a good performance with a nice dressage and show jumping round, having not been out for a while. Last but definitely not least, Jovi did a relaxed test to score 29, he then did a lovely relaxed round in the show jumping to finish up 2nd in his class (Video of his Dr https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kXQ-H-ogKA&feature=youtu.be). Great to see the horses all going well, bring on the next one! Photos of some of the horses can be seen in their albums in the photos tab, courtesy of Ray Martin.

Felbridge Unaffiliated Dressage - 6th Dec

Having had a quieter few months, it is that time of year again where the horses are starting their training programmes in preparation for the 2015 event season. We took 5 of the younger horses to dressage to help them gain experience visiting new venues and get used to the white boards! Forrest was first up putting in a lovely test to impress the judges enough to finish at the top of the leader board, a good result having not been out for a few months. Fi did a prelim and novice test although a little spooky at times she put in two nice tests. Weed did his first dressage test impressing us all with a solid performance to finish 3rd in his class. Cloudy was next up with his two prelim tests, which he went well in to be placed in each. Jovi was the last to go, he is getting the hang of the white boards, and is improving every time he does a test. A good day out with all the horses, next up combined training next weekend!