Borde Hill 16th August

It was a very successful weekend at Borde Hill with Lori and Bob both finishing in the top 10, 3rd and 7th respectively. Forrest was competing HC in the BE90 and greatly improved in all three phases from his first event. He did a very nice test to get 33, jumped a great SJ round, just unlucky to have 1 down and jumped a fantastic clear XC round.

Hartpury 7th - 10th August

Cooly did very well in the CIC*** at Hartpury, coming 21st in a section of nearly 90 competitors. He did a very nice test, with a lot to like but unfortunately a few mistakes in his canter work cost him a few marks to get 54.2. He jumped the following day and had 1 down SJ but flew round the XC picking up just 6.2 time penalties.

Chilham 2nd August

We had Forrest competing at his first event in the BE90. It didn't quite go to plan but there was lots to like and work on for next time. Sophie did very well on Lori finishing in 8th just adding a few time XC penalties to her dressage score of 32.5.

Aston-Le-Walls 20th July

It was Coolys first run after Luhmuhlen and he was very happy to be back out eventing, maybe a bit too happy! He struggled to contain himself in the dressage as the arena was right next to the XC course, but did a reasonable test to get 34.1. He went on to jump a great double clear in preparation for Hartpury CIC***. 

Luhmuhlen CCI**** 12th - 15th June

It was a very tough week out in Germany for us all after losing Red. He was a very special horse to the whole team and will be greatly missed. He was on great form as usual and produced one of his best tests at this level. Shortly after fence 7 on the XC course Red collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack. It was a huge shock to us all as he had never had any previous issues and was as fit as he'd ever been.

Cooly continues to establish himself at the highest level, improving in all three phases from his first 4* at Pau last year. He produced a great test for 55.4 just losing marks for a few silly mistakes, but overall showed great promise. He showed his class on XC day, being the first horse to complete a clear round, finishing full of running.

Sunday was a difficult and emotional day for all involved, but Cooly came out feeling well and he always puts a smile on your face watching him jump when he is on top form. The SJ track was well up to height and Cooly jumped a super round, one of the very few clear rounds to finish 14th. Our next aim for him will be Burghley in September.

Little Downham 30th May

We had Bob and Lori doing their first Novice at Little Downham. Lori and Sophie did a nice test to get 34.0 and jumped a great clear round SJ. The XC was a tough track for a first Novice, with quite a big drop into water, which unfortunately Lori didn't like the look of. Bob was slightly off form so we decided to retire him in the SJ and not damage his confidence. 

We also had Hero in the BE100 and he jumped a great double clear, just adding a few XC time penalties to his dressage score.

Borde Hill 25th May

It was a slightly disappointing day at Borde Hill. Bob did a good test but was unlucky to have 2 poles down, but went on to jump a great clear round XC, just adding a few time penalties. Lori did a nice test and show jumped well, but had an unfortunate run out XC. We decided not to run Hero XC and save him for Little Downham, as he didn't feel quite right and the ground conditions wouldn't have suited him.

Chatsworth 16th - 18th May

It was a a great few days at Chatsworth with Red and Cooly in the CIC***. Cooly was up first but had tightened up after the long drive, so did a slightly disappointing test, with a lot of tension creeping in. He was feeling a bit too fresh and well and just needed a bit more time to settle. Red did a pleasing test, with a few little mistakes to get a fair mark of 53.2.

They both show jumped very well, in front of a huge crowd. Cooly was unlucky to have the first fence down but jumped very well for the rest of the round. Red jumped a great clear round.

It was a big, strong track, and stuck to the theme of more testing, challenging courses, following on from Badminton the previous week. Ian Stark tracks don't come small and this was no exception, seeming more like a CIC4*, but both horses rose to the ocassion and jumped great clears. It certainly wasn't a dressage competition which suited us well, meaning Red finished in 10th place and Cooly 28th in a very competitive section. It was great preparation for Luhmuhlen next month.

Hambledon 18th April

Bob continued his good form, finishing 9th on his dressage score of 34. He will now be aimed at Little Downham to do his first novice. Lori also placed well, with Sophie riding, coming 5th. She will also be going to Little Downham with Bob for her first novice. Hero jumped a little green but we are still really pleased with how he is coming along as he showing the right attitude for the job and is very willing. Rossi did a lovely relaxed dressage test, and jumped a great double clear to finish 3rd.

South of England 11th - 13th April

It was another successful weekend with all BE100 horses being placed well. Lori remained on her very good dressage score of 29.5 to finish 7th. Hero was 9th, just adding 0.8 time penalties XC to his dressage score. Bob was the highest placed coming 4th. Nelson was much improved in all 3 phases from his last event at Munstead to finish 10th. Rossi continued his good form, however was a bit too excited in the dressage but jumped very well.

We had Red and Cooly entered in the AI as a back up run. As Cooly did so well at Belton the previous weekend we decided to just take him for dressage as it was a good opportunity to practice the 4* test. Reds dressage was an improvement from Belton, we think partly due to going back to the snaffle instead of the double bridle we had at Belton. He jumped a great clear round SJ. Next up for them both will be Chatsworth CIC***.

Belton 4th - 6th April

We took Red and Cooly up to Belton for the Grantham Cup. We were disappointed with both dressage marks, especially Reds 57.4 as he didn't score above 50 in CIC*** all last season. He show jumped very well but was very unlucky to rattle the middle part of the treble to have it down. We decided not to run him XC as after dressage he wasn't in a very competitive position in a very large class of over a 100. Cooly was on very good form, jumping a super double clear to come 31st.

Goring 29th March

It was a good day at Goring, with 3 horses being placed very well. Hero came 3rd after another consistent dressage score of 30.5 and a great double clear. Rossi was 6th, remaining on his dressage sore and jumping a very good double clear. Bob was just outside the top 10 finishing in 11th place. Lori had a few problems out on the XC course but SJ well and had a good dressage score.

Munstead 23rd March

We had Rossi, Bob, Lori, Hero and Nelson all doing the BE100. The water jump was causing a few problems, proving to be quite a difficult question for a BE100 class. Hero had a good dressage score of 30 and jumped a good clear round SJ if a little green but had a stop going into the water, however it is still only his second event and first BE100, so we are still very pleased with how he is progressing. We had Nelson out for his first event since being gelded, he did a good dressage test and SJ well, but also had a stop at the water. Lori and Bob were the stars of the day, both finishing on the dressage scores to come 5th and 12th.

Great Witchingham 21st March

Red and Cooly had their first run of the season in the AI at Great Witchingham. Cooly was a lot more grown up in his dressage but was also feeling very happy to be out eventing again so did well to contain himself to get 33.4. He was also a bit too lively SJ and had two poles down, but jumped a great clear xc. Red was also on good form and jumped a great double clear with just a few xc time penalties to add to his dressage score of 37.0. Next up for them both will be CIC*** at Belton in a few weeks.

Isleham 1st March

The new season got off to a good start with the youngsters all doing well at Isleham in the BE90. Bob, Lori and Rossi all carried on their good form from last year with all three placing in the top 10. It was Hero's first ever event and he coped very well, producing a good dressage test and jumping a great double clear. He is definitely proving to be one to watch for the future.